Case Study: Hot Munkey

Hot Munkey's previous site we outdated and Aissa approached us looking for a web design overhall as well as fully integrating e-commerse functionality.

We designed a bright and funky look and feel for the website while sticking to a tried and tested e-commerse style layout. The bold color, rounded edges and soft glass like textures separate the interface from the background to highlight specific area's for ease of use and functionality.
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Mutant Dolls from Hot Munkey


E-commerce is the selling of a product or service over the Internet. With an understanding of your business we can asses your competition to determine the best approach, along with planning, which is critical to the success of your business. Gigabyte can work with you to create and implement the perfect strategy.

Our Web Designers have vast experience in e-commerce design, providing beautiful, bespoke and intuitive designs. As do our web developers who can integrate a database and content management system allowing you to add products and update the site yourself. For more information you can download our Full Services Document, or please don't hesitate to get in touch.
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